Turf Management

From weeds and pests to changes in Texas weather conditions, your lawn faces a steady assault throughout the year. Our Turf Management Program is custom-designed to give your lawn exactly what it needs when it needs it. The program consists of 8 treatments applied to your lawn every 5-7 weeks throughout the year.  We do not require contracts or any long-term obligations. Once service is started, we will take a reading of the pH level of your soil, which will help us to customize our treatment program for your lawn’s maximum health.

Our fertilizers are custom blended in our East Texas warehouse formulated specifically for soil conditions within our area. We use an extensive amount of organics to promote root development, overall plant, and soil health. The herbicides we use are the latest and most effective professional-grade products available. Our standard program includes insect management, from fire ants to chinch bugs our professional technicians are trained to spot problems. We handle fungus and disease on a case by case basis, (see our BLOG on lawn diseases), and provide treatments as needed. With our basic treatment program, you will also receive free service calls, which includes the spot-treatment of weeds, diagnosis of lawn problems, and specific recommendations for the future health and beauty of your lawn.

So stop spending your weekends working on your lawn and start enjoying the weekends instead. No need for regular trips to the store and spending your valuable time and money on products and equipment that have produced less than desired results. Leave it to the experts — we’ll help make your dream of a beautiful, healthy lawn a reality.

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(Required by the Texas Department of Agriculture – Structural Pest Control Service)

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