Like all animals, mosquitoes need food, water and shelter to survive.  If any one of these components is missing, mosquitoes will die.

Doing away with items such as old tires, plastic pools, sagging tarps, empty buckets and containers from the yard, the breeding sites for these pests will be removed.  Mowing tall grass and weeds, as well as, cutting back any vines or shrubs will keep mosquitoes away from yards and homes.

To remove necessary nutrients the pest needs, change water in pet bowls and bird baths often.  Get rid of items where water is retained for more than 7-10 days, especially where organic matter such as leaves, soil and grass cuttings are present.  When water cannot be drained, try a larvicide for the home.  These contain proteins toxic to the larvae but are safe for non-target insects and other animals.  They are environmentally safe and generally last up to 30 days.  Check labels for uses and how long they will last.