August Newsletter

Summer Watering Along with sunshine, proper mowing and maintenance, adequate watering of turf grasses is required for a lawn to be the most eye-catching part of any landscape. East Texas rainfall amounts generally provide abundant volumes of natural water annually, however [...]

Seasonal Alert-Major Weed Issue

Due to the record amounts of rainfall we have been receiving, there has been a major issue with weeds all over east and southeastern Texas this spring and early summer, which has led to concerns for golf courses, sports fields and residential [...]

July Newsletter

July Maintenance Tips For Trees and Shrubs Prune dead and damaged branches. Deadhead roses and apply an iron-based supplement. Hold off on pruning flowering shrubs until next spring but trim any non-blooming hedges. For Lawns Set the mower to the highest setting, [...]

June Newsletter

June Lawns Hotter weather means faster growing lawns. Mowing every 5-7 days, rather than 8-14, allows for clippings to fall back on the lawn as opposed to bagging them. Allowing the clippings to settle back into the lawn recycles the nutrients [...]

May Newsletter

May Bed Maintenance With the hotter summer weather quickly approaching, there are some things you can still do make your beds showy and survive the warm temperatures. Visit a nursery and choose plants that do well for your bed conditions. To [...]

March News Letter

Overwatering and Weeds Weeds are present in every lawn, but by utilizing consistent, well-managed lawn practices, they are rarely a problem. Turfgrass that is over- or under-watered is often conducive to weed growth, but consistently overwatering will cause more damage. With appropriate [...]