How long do I need to wait before mowing after a treatment?


   It is best to wait at least 24 hours prior to mowing the lawn after a treatment.

What time will the technician be here?


Only an approximate time a technician will be on site for services can be supplied to customers.  As technicians progress through their daily work schedules, issues arise that may need to be immediately addressed or are weather related.  Office staff can generally provide a tentative morning or afternoon time frame.

How does rain affect my treatment?


All pesticides (fungicide, herbicide, insecticide) are designed to break down with either sunlight or rain.  Therefore, the more it rains, the quicker it breaks down.  

How much does a lawn analysis cost?


The analysis itself is free.  A technician will measure the property, determine turf type and check
soil, weed, and turf attributes during the analysis visit.  Monthly and annual pricing will be provided for the lawn program once the technician has completed the analysis.

Do I have to be there when the technician does a lawn analysis?


No. If the technician has access to the lawn, and is aware of the boundaries to be treated, the
completed analysis and pricing can be sent via email or by post.

When is my next scheduled service?


A regular 8 round lawn service typically will take place every 5-7 weeks depending on weather conditions.  Quarterly treatments will occur every 3 months.  Quarterly services are scheduled as close to the prior 90 days as possible to keep them evenly spaced throughout the year.  The office staff can provide an approximate date if requested.

Did the technician come by my property?


If a lawn or pest treatment is completed, the technician will leave a door hanger on the door prior to leaving the site which includes information regarding services completed, along with any customer notes deemed necessary.

Can I pay with a credit card over the phone?


Yes, it is the preferred method of credit card payment for security reasons.

How do I know if you received my check?


Call the office staff and they will discern if a payment was received.

Do you offer mowing services?


Better Home and Lawn does not offer mowing services. However, if you call the office, our staff will provide you with the name of a reputable company in our area.

How long before the lawn treatment takes effect?


Generally, weeds will begin to yellow and start shriveling within a week and a half to two weeks. Weeds in a lawn can be managed, but not totally eliminated. Since broadleaf weeds need to be present and growing at the time of application, for some of the more resilient broadleaf weeds, it may take more than one application to see results.

When will they get started [with my project]?


Depending on the size of the project, once the down payment for the job has been received, It will be put on the calendar and completed in the order received weather permitting.

Do you sell pallets of sod?


No, we do not, but if you call our office, we can provide you with the name and number of someone who does.

What do I need to do if I added new sod to my lawn?


If you are on the lawn program, inform our office.  Our technicians will make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the new sod.  Water the additional sod thoroughly, twice a day for at least the first two weeks after installation.

Will the treatments affect my pets?


Although all our products are EPA approved and label guidelines are followed for each application, we do recommend waiting until the formula has completely dried (typically no more than an hour or two) and total absorption has occurred prior to allowing pets onto the treated area.                  

How much do I need to water?


Watering recommendations vary throughout the year, depending on temperatures and rainfall amounts.  (For more information regarding best watering practices, please check our blog.)

What do I do if I notice large amounts of spider webs between pest treatments?


Typically, if you see spiders or webs between pest treatments either they have been carried to your home by the wind or hatched egg sacs, which our formula can’t penetrate.  If this occurs, set up an appointment for a retreat with our office staff.

Will rainfall immediately after an application hinder its effectiveness?


No!  The addition of water to a treated lawn does not reduce benefits to the lawn, but will frequently augment the results of the application.

What if I require a special service not included in any of your packages?


There are additional services Better Home and Lawn has available for special circumstances including; issues with ornamentals, insects and disease.

Does someone need to be on site for irrigation repairs?


As long as access is available to all parts of the system and the technician is clear on what repairs are required, it is not necessary to be present for the repairs.

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