Core Aeration

Keep your lawn properly nourished with core aeration from Better Home and Lawn

Many homeowners underestimate the benefits of core aeration. Our lawn care professionals are experts on the needs of your lawn and we want to help you achieve all of your goals for your turf. The benefits of aeration include helping reduce compaction, increasing air flow to the root mass, amplifying water and fertilizer uptake and helping reduce thatch in your warm season turf.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the act of perforating the soil with small holes to allow elements like water, air and nutrients to nourish the grass roots and relieve compact soil. Consistent core aeration of all types of turf grass will result in a healthy and fantastic looking lawn which grows easily.

What does BHL Recommend for my Lawn?

We recommend regular, at least annual, core aeration to help improve your soil compaction and in effect, your soil and turf health. It’s best to core aerate warm season turf in late spring to early summer. We don’t recommend core aerating your warm season turf lawn while it is in transition or dormant.

Identifying and Alleviating Thatch Growth

In our years of talking with homeowners, we find the majority of clients do not understand both the cause of thatch, and the best way to control it. Thatch occurs as a layer between the green material of your lawn and the soil’s surface and is made up of dead and living organic matter.

Excessive thatch growth (over ½”) can create a haven for pest and disease activity which can significantly damage your lawn. Thatch build up can often slow down the effectiveness of fertilizer, insect and disease controls. We recommend controlling thatch through our annual core aeration treatments.

At Better Home and Lawn, we’re dedicated to helping you keep a lawn that’s healthy and beneficial for tree and plant growth.

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