Core Aeration with Compost Topdressing

Keep your lawn properly nourished with a combination of core aeration and compost topdressing from Better Home and Lawn.

Vital nutrients found in soil deplete or disappear after a time leaving your grass starving for nourishment and the lawn vulnerable to drought, insects and weeds due to stress. This is where an annual core aeration accompanied by a quality layer of compost topdressing can add fresh “life” back into the soil.

What is core aeration?

Core aeration is the removal of plugs from the soil. Plugs, or cores of soil, are extracted using a lawn aeration machine with hollow tines. This process helps to reduce soil compaction and allows water, oxygen and nutrients to flow through the channels created by the plug removal.

What is compost topdressing?

Compost topdressing is the application of a thin layer of organic matter on top of a lawn. It acts as an amendment which improves the entire soil structure.

Why have a core aeration and compost topdressing combination completed on my lawn?

Although each provides its own benefits, combining core aeration with a high-quality compost topdressing takes the result to the next level.

Aeration allows the soil to breathe and take on the nutrients the compost will provide later. It also promotes deeper root growth for a healthier lawn and breaks up any compaction caused by foot traffic or heavy equipment.

Besides the nutrients and organic matter released into the soil by the compost, it assists the lawn in neutralizing the pH and cuts down on erosion and runoff issues. It reintroduces microorganisms back into the soil needed for decomposing organic matter and developing a healthy soil structure that reduces thatch buildup. And, it aids in amending clay soil by relieving compression and allowing for better drainage.

What are BHL’s recommendations?

Core aeration followed by a thin layer of highly decomposed compost, rich in organic matters with nourishing fillers such as loam, is recommended at least once a year. The best time to aerate and add compost is in spring once lawns come out of dormancy or in late fall before the first frost.

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