December Newsletter

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Soil pH in Texas The pH in soil is tested to measure acidity or alkalinity, with a 7.0 being neutral. Soil measuring below 7 is more acidic and above 7 is more alkaline. Two factors determining pH are the composition of the soil itself and the amount of rainfall the area receives. Although the effect [...]

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November Newsletter

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Tips for Winterizing Beds Add organic matter (decaying animal or plant material) such as compost, green manure, leaf mold or animal manure. These are beneficial soil amendments that improve the structure of the soil. Avoid fertilizing. Adding fertilizer late in the fall promotes new growth that will be damaged in winter weather. Keep beds moist [...]

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October Newsletter

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Fall Watering Cooler weather, shorter days and increased chances of rain are signs of autumn in southeastern Texas. Along with the change in season is the possibility of finding Brown Patch Fungus in our lawns. This is the time of year turning off irrigation systems is generally recommended. Additional water should be applied only [...]

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September Newsletter

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Benefits of Core Aeration and Compost Topdressing Compost topdressing is the process of adding a thin layer of organic material, typically ¼ inch to ½ inch over grass and usually goes hand in hand with an initial core aeration. The process has been found to be so beneficial, it could easily be considered the foundation [...]

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August Newsletter

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Summer Watering Along with sunshine, proper mowing and maintenance, adequate watering of turf grasses is required for a lawn to be the most eye-catching part of any landscape. East Texas rainfall amounts generally provide abundant volumes of natural water annually, however Mother Nature cannot be relied upon to provide needed moisture in a timely [...]

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Seasonal Alert-Major Weed Issue

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Due to the record amounts of rainfall we have been receiving, there has been a major issue with weeds all over east and southeastern Texas this spring and early summer, which has led to concerns for golf courses, sports fields and residential properties.  The additional rain causes the chemical design of the herbicide to break [...]

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Seasonal Alert-Major Weed Issue

July Newsletter

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July Maintenance Tips For Trees and Shrubs Prune dead and damaged branches. Deadhead roses and apply an iron-based supplement. Hold off on pruning flowering shrubs until next spring but trim any non-blooming hedges. For Lawns Set the mower to the highest setting, 3-4 inches for St. Augustine grass. For Bermuda grass keep it at 1-2 [...]

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June Newsletter

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June Lawns Hotter weather means faster growing lawns. Mowing every 5-7 days, rather than 8-14, allows for clippings to fall back on the lawn as opposed to bagging them. Allowing the clippings to settle back into the lawn recycles the nutrients and keeps thatch at bay. Quick growing, lush lawns are also susceptible to [...]

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May Newsletter

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May Bed Maintenance With the hotter summer weather quickly approaching, there are some things you can still do make your beds showy and survive the warm temperatures. Visit a nursery and choose plants that do well for your bed conditions. To add color in areas with direct sun, consider zinnias, petunias, periwinkle, salvia, sunflowers, [...]

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March News Letter

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Overwatering and Weeds Weeds are present in every lawn, but by utilizing consistent, well-managed lawn practices, they are rarely a problem. Turfgrass that is over- or under-watered is often conducive to weed growth, but consistently overwatering will cause more damage. With appropriate watering practices, weed management is kept to a minimum, especially when partnered with [...]

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